About Activa Partnership Program

What is the Activa Partnership Program?

The Activa Custom Partnership Program was created to provide an opportunity to enhance the experience of pet ownership in the community. Local shelters, rescues, and professional organizations do such important work. With our partnership program we are give your customers and clients a way to contribute back to you by purchasing Activa Custom Pet Food. In turn they boost their experience of pet ownership while also reinforcing the pet community for current and future pet owners.

Why Partner with Activa Custom?

Through the program, our partners can earn credits to put towards highly discounted Activa Pet Food by referring customers to try Activa Custom pet food. We also allow our customers to donate their earned credits to our partners.

How does it work?

The referral process is simple, and the customer can visit any Pet’s Barn location to receive a FREE 4.5lb. bag of customized pet food.When a customer has redeemed, the service professional will receive XX. If a customer continues to purchase Activa pet foods after they have redeemed their free bag, the organization will earn XX for each bag sold. This way the customer can not only feed a premium, customized food to their pets but they can continue to contribute to the success of the organization by doing nothing more than purchasing their pet’s food.

What is Activa Custom Pet Food?

Back in 2013 we had a thought: No two pets are exactly the same, but yet we try and feed our pets a food designed for an “average” pet. After over 6 years of research and development we designed a system that allows the person who truly knows them, you! By adding oils, flavors and various supplements a pet owner can now craft a food specific to their individual pet.

Who is eligible for the program?

While we would love to offer everyone the ability to join our program, we quickly realized that’s not realistically possible. All partners must be approved. Use the form below to tell us about your orginization. We will review it and contact you about becoming a partner.