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How does our Refer-A-Paw program work?

We are thrilled to introduce our new Refer-A-Paw program! With this program, you can maximize your savings while spreading the word about Activa Custom. Once you register, you will be given several different options on how to introduce your friends to the future of pet food.

Whether its by a Facebook post or a text message, your friends will receive your unique referral code that will gift them a free bag of Activa Custom!

Once they redeem their free bag, you will receive a $5 coupon that you can put towards your next Activa Custom purchase. It’s that easy!


The savings don’t stop there!

There are a number of national pet food brands that offer rewards programs. But the Activa rewards system is the quickest and easiest way to earn free coupons and bags!

Unlike other brands, we have our in-store only proof of purchase program that allows you to redeem a free bag after purchasing nine bags! Most national brands have similar programs, but make you purchase twelve bags before receiving a free bag.

Activa also has a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee! In addition, Activa offeres a quantity discount when buying 3 or more bags! With the addition of our new Refer-A-Paw program, the opportunity for savings is endless!


Check out our monthly newsletter!

We are always looking for ways to maximize your dollar and increase savings! Every month there are new sales and specials that go out through our email newsletter. When you register your account, you will automatically be signed up for our monthly newsletter. You will definitely want to keep an eye out every month as we will announce new ways to accumulate points with our Refer-A-Paw program!